gunnm awake

Personal project based on a frame of the comic book Battle Angel Alita by Yukito Kishiro. Maya, Mentalray, Photoshop.


Illustrations realised for the role card game Corunea. Modelisation, textures and render Maya/Xsi/Zbrush/MentalRay/Photoshop. Art direction and compositingc: Olivier Lesaint.

Still renders for the permanent challenge on The goal is to create variations on an imposed theme, a sphere on a curved plane.


I made this character for a challenge which goal was to make a mascot for the 16000 Toons animation festival in Angoulême. The name “Kag” comes from the word “cagouille” wich means snail in very local language :) But it didn’t won. Maya, Mentalray, Photoshop.


Vidéoclip for the band Orange Blossom, realised as 2nd year project at ESRA Sup’infograph school of animation. It aired on french TV (late at night)

Credits : Nicolas Prigent, Julien Lehericey, Sylvain Riou, Brice Louvet-Maubert, Cédric Douard.

day of the tentacle – 3D prints

3D  prints of 2 characters from the videogame Day of the Tentacles. Modeled in Maya/zbrush, textures zbrush/Photoshop, 3D printed on Shapeways. You can buy them if you like on my online shop at Shapeways

Un petit rappel de la référence :D

univers café

3D still made for a flyer that anounced a Jazz party at “Univers Café” in Nantes. Maya, Mentalray, Photoshop.